You may now be able to send several contacts at one time to WhatsApp at one go. Earlier, users could send only one contact at a time. But the limit may increase now. This feature can be available to all users soon.

News has shown that WhatsApp is testing a new feature that allows users to send more than one contact to their friends at one time. These features will work as before, more than one contact will be selected at one time due to the increase in the limit of sending only.

Let me tell you that the limit of sending more than one contact can increase only once, not to send more than one user at a time. The interesting thing is that the limit will be much more than 100 contacts will be selected at more than once. Users will be able to use this feature in a group other than a fixed user.

Remember that only this feature is being tested and it is in beta stage. You can view it using Google Play signing up like a beta tester. However, no information has been provided about when this feature will be launched at all locations for Android and ios.


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