Steps to Connect your PC with LAN Internet Connection with Another PC

  1. At first, you need to go out and buy the straight patch Ethernet LAN cable. Make sure that “patch” or “crossover” is written on the cord.
  2. Connect them to both the computers.
  3. Go to “Network and Sharing Center”through the Control Panel.
  4. Select “Network Connection” and right click Local Area Network connection and select “Properties
  5. Now select “Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)”and click “Properties”.
  6. Now, once you are inside the TCP/IP properties of your computer, click “Use the following IP” and enter as IP address and255.255.255.0 as subnet mask. Leave the other details blank and click ok
  7. Now go to TCP/IP properties of the second computer and enter the same details except the IP address, which should be and click “OK”.
  8. Done Now the networks are operatable. You might need to restart both the computers in some cases.
  9. Now, if you’re looking to SHARE the internet connection between 2 computers, go to Local Area Network properties again and click on the Sharing tab. Select “enable internet connection sharing”
  10. To share files and folders between the 2 computers, go to the properties of that file/folder and select Sharing tab. Click “Share” to shareon the network.


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