Instant messaging app WhatsApp is working on such a feature, whereby users will be able to learn the location of your friends, and it will feature real time. @WABetaInfo WhatsApp which is known to leak information about. According to the Twitter account of the beta version feature on Android and iOS is available on the Plus 2.16.399. But it is not activated by default. Which means that you need to manually activate this setting will do.

According to the Twitter @WABetaInfo shared screen “location information of a minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes or can be taken indefinitely. At that time it would be quite handy when you want to have a place to meet friends who will show you how far is reached. ”

It has been reported that this information is also provided in order to deactivate your friend could not know about you.

WhatsApp messages sent in December last year to edit the feature was added. This feature is currently available on the platform WhatsApp iOS


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