WhatsApp Recall feature is going to come, How to work ?

WhatsApp has recently given three new features for iOS users. Now there is a feature that will probably be the most unique by now. This feature is available in Gmail, but it will be quite different for the Instant Messaging app, especially WhatsApp Space.

We are talking about the Revoke feature which was leaked earlier too. The Revoke feature means the withdrawal option. If you accidentally messaged someone and you got an idea of ​​a mistake, then you can use this option as well.

WhatsApp has been testing the recalls feature since the beginning of this year. This feature has been seen in the new version of WhatsApp in fresh leaks. Although it is not for ordinary users, but it can be received soon.

Screenshots on Twitter have also been shared, in which recalls feature can be seen. Significantly, there is a feature in the Secure Messaging app named Telegram, so that one person can delete the conversion on both sides. There is also such a Facebook Messenger that messages themselves get deleted in a timely manner under the Secret Message. So there will be no surprise when this feature is given in WhatsApp.

A tweet has been tweeted by the famous Twitter handle to leverage WhatsApp’s features. It is being claimed that iOS may come back with a contact feature which was removed at the time of the launch of the status feature. According to the reports, the contacts will now appear below the status section. It is currently being tested and it can be given later for the people.

However, until this feature has not come, you can use the three new features given by Whatatsapp. However, all of these features are for iPhone users, because WhatsApp is now appearing on the iOS user.


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