WhatsApp has a new fun feature for users

GIF supports instant messaging app WhatsApp begin in November last year. WhatsApp now has a new feature on the GIF. Android beta version users can now search GIF.  As well as the media to send limit has been increased from 10 to 30.

2.17.6 beta version of Android users are using WhatsApp to get these features. Hopefully soon, the official App users will receive these updates. GIF image search option, users will get by clicking on Emoji. With its help you can use to manipulate GIF Chat. Messenger users are already using this feature.

In addition to sharing the image has been updated. Now will be with a stock of 10 instead of 30 photos. With this feature, users will be relieved and the bulk (more than once) will be extremely easy to share photos.

As a reminder, on WhatsApp GIF before it can be sent only through the media but now GIF Atatment search feature will be extremely easy for users to use the GIF.


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