Instant Messaging App WhatsApp has started rolling out new features for its Android users. In this new feature, the user can spam the report to any group or personal contact. By giving such a feature, if you are getting messages in a group that is harmful to you or to the society in any way, you can report it. This feature is currently available for beta testers, it will be formally roll out soon.

Earlier this could only be done with the unique (unrecognized) user. Like if you have a message from any number, you could block / report it but now WhatsApp has given your contact and group the option to spam the report.

Nowadays, many misleading messages have been spread through WhatsApp through which many misinformation has been spread in the society, so this step of WhatsApp can prove to be a solution to this problem. Let me tell you Facebook has been given the option to report any profile. With the help of which if a profile gives a false or incorrect information, the user can report it. By doing so, the company receives a complaint from that profile and after checking the complaint, Facebook can block that

In this case, obviously WhatsApp will work on the same lines. You have to see how much these features are appealing to common users.


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