The world’s largest messaging app WhatsApp on his 8th birthday Most Awaited status feature is rolled out. Facebook’s biggest rival app WhatsApp Snap-chat owned it feature the story is given a tough competition. The status feature of WhatsApp user story lines in video, photo GIF can upload the next 24 hours will be seen by the people in your Contact list. Privacy settings that you can control it via the user who sees them and who does not these stories.

Status feature is different from Instagram feature story?
Facebook social media app Instagram has come before the feature story. You picture, video, GIF can upload them with emoji, you can add text, but like WhatsApp feature the States can not control it. The story went public, can only be shared on Instagram, it can not be customized to the user’s privacy while WhatsApp has been taken into account and the user can customize.

Copies of these features is Snap-chat

Facebook tried to buy in 2013 failed Snap-chat. Since then, one by one, the story features Facebook is bringing in their individual App. Instagram and Facebook to get the kind of feature in WhatsApp now has these features. Story was the first feature Snapcat. There are many ways in which the filter is the cause of the popularity of this app filter.


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