The next time your girlfriend, boss, another run on WhatsApp messages to send to friends, then do not worry. Instant messaging app WhatsApp Soon you’ll get an option to cancel and editing incoming messages. It accidentally sent you the message will be able to improve or canceled.

WABetaInfo Twitter account informed by sharing a screen shot. Accordingly, the features of WhatsApp message withdraw editing features add to the beta testers have been.

WABetaInfo’s tweet said, “in the beta of WhatsApp message you have sent them to edit the feature has been added. The work is still going on. This will help to improve consumers in a recent message, an earlier message can not be edited.

According to WABetaInfo, this feature will be on existing as WhatsApp beta version iOS WhatsApp last month from India to countries around the world launched a video calling. This Android, iOS and Windows exists.

In India’s 16 million subscribers of WhatsApp. WhatsApp ten Indian languages around the world in 50 different languages and is facilitating. 10 million calls a day from this platform is worldwide.


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