Micro Blogging Website Twitter has launched a lightweight web application for mobile users. Its name is Twitter Lite and it is made by keeping countries like India in mind. Slow internet connectivity will also open this site easily. It will work in many ways just like the app.

Its feature is that your smartphone will take less space. Apart from this, special data saver mode has also been made so that it can be used in less data. In Data Saver mode, Twitter’s images and videos will appear blurred until they click on it.

Twitter has said that light version will be loaded in most 3G devices within five seconds. The company claims that it will save up to 70 percent of the data while 30 percent is fast.

Twitter Lite is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that Twitter has launched with Partnership Partnership with Google. There is also a special push notification feature for Android. If you keep it as a shortcut on the home screen, then it will look like in the app drawer.

You can also place a shortcut on the Home screen as an iOS device, but you will not get the notification. This web app has been launched globally and you can also use it.

This web app will do the same job as Twitter’s main app, in which almost all features are provided. It has Regular Feed, Notification List, Tab and Search option. There is also a direct message option.


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