WhatsApp is testing a new feature that will discard you from the hassle of changing the number. When changing the new feature number, your contact will give notice to those who change the number.

It often happens that our number is associated with WhatsApp, in which, after changing the number, it is difficult to let the friends know about it. Then we resort to broadcast message or the users start to know themselves gradually. To overcome this problem, WhatsApp is preparing to bring this feature.

The information of this feature was first shared by WhatsApp Beta Tracker @WABetaInfo. The number change feature lets users change their number without losing chats and group data. Other users will also be informed about this. Under this feature, you will be given three options while changing the number.

Feature of WhatsApp

  1. You will be able to share the changed numbers with everyone,

  2. You will be able to share with those you have chat

  3. Nobody will be informed about changing your number.

This feature will also give the group information about changing your number. Although the Bay default switch will remain, users will need to turn it on in settings. Here again tell you that only this feature is being tested. So it is very difficult to tell when it will be available to all users.

Apart from this, the testing of live location feature is also available in WhatsApp, which will allow your friends and family to live track for some time after sharing the location. This feature was recently launched by Facebook and Google.


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