The smartphone will be five years in the smartphone market with the trend-setting also will be a game changer. On the one hand is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 tablet so after the flop is likely to be quite different. On the other hand, Apple launched the iPhone 8 formidable on its 10th anniversary, the desire is to set the trend. In addition, Google will be in the market with its second generation Pixel.

Let us know what will happen in these smartphones are not yet in the market. Most of these photos and specifications of the device reportedly will start to leak went by which we tell about them.

iPhone 8: make its tenth anniversary this year and during the Apple iPhone may be launched in different incarnations. Also last year, a few features were iPhone7 not changed much. But this time, according to reports of the iPhone would be Yunibodi glass, Bezale will not, and the OLED screen will be wireless charging. Further news is that this time the fingerprint scanner on the home button and the display will be.

Galaxy S8 Edge: Without a doubt, the most successful smartphone Galaxy S7 Edge proved last year and in many ways it has hit the iPhone 7. Recently, some of which were allegedly leaked photos this time, according to the fingerprint scanner. It is likely that the company will use a new technology to replace the home button this time. Also this time, including the new digital Assistant Bixby iris scanner reports that the company specifically designed to solve complex commands. Quad HD Super Amoled display with 835 Snapdragon qualcomm processor to have the news. It will be launched on March 29.

Nokia P1: Nokia with Android smartphone market once again. The first budget smartphone Ricord broke several pre booking. Now its high-end smartphone at Mobile World Congress is willing to bang with possibly P1. It looks quite premium device in the alleged leaked photos which may have the potential to beat the Galaxy S8. Is to be expected that it will be launched on February 27. Nokia P1 February 29 to 27, and the Samsung Galaxy S8. Nokia’s flagship device, including Android 7.0 and Snapdragon 835 also having ultrasonic fingerprint scanner reports.

LG G6: The design of LG’s next flagship smartphone, this has started to leak. Dual rear camera and a premium brushed metal design, it is visible. According to reports, at least in its display will Bezale the screen without borders. The smartphone also can be introduced during the Mobile World Congress.

Google Pixel 2nd GenerationThis year, most flagship smartphones can get a dual camera setup. Reportedly Leaked render pixels in a dual camera setup is being witnessed. Also it is possible to display with curved Google pixels. Borderless Bezale screen display at this year’s trend, or will be, so it is less in Leaked Photos Bezale is seeing the display. Currently, much of Pixel yielded no specifications.


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