HMD was recently reported that global Nokia 3310 phone’s successor could launch with the new design. These phones will not be much different from the old design of 3310 but it will be the same feature phone. How will the new device, a video surfaced in which it took the new incarnation of the old 3310 is shown. This video has also been shown that the old Nokia 3310 series phones will be different from 3310.

According to the video’s YouTube Channel Concept Creator a 256K 1.5-inch screen, which may be supportive. The new avatar will be USB ports and 8 GB internal memory. 1650mAh battery will be.

Let me tell you, according to recent reports VentureBeat MWC Global HMD can launch 3 to 5 smartphone. Two of these features, the Nokia 3310 as well as the old with the modern version of Android phone could be launched. The report claims that the new text, with the launch of Nokia 3310 series will be again. Let me tell you this is the company’s most successful device.


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