Now almost every mid-range smartphone is given a fingerprint scanner as a security. People also trust it, because it seems that the pin is more secure than the pin. But the question arose, and now researchers are determined to prove that fingerprint scanners are not there.

The questions of the fingerprint scanner are being questioned, so the security of the smartphone will not be affected. Banking and security of social networking can also cause a dent. Because fingerprint scanners are not only protected from mobile but also all manner of accounts.

Researchers at the University of New York and Michigan State University have a research findings publication. According to this, the fingerprint sensor of the smartphone can be hacked from fake digitized fake fingerprint. Researchers made artificial master prints that match the real fingerprint. Its access rate is 65 percent.

Although the researchers have not tested from the real phone, and other security researchers believe that the actual phone will reduce the rate of succession. But still there will be questions on the fingerprint scanner given in the smartphone.

Fingerprint scanner can be broken through master print context
The team of researchers has used 8,200 partial fingerprints in this research. By using the commercial fingerprint verification software, they found 92 master prints out of the sample of 800 partial prints. Although he got the same full fingerprint master prints in a sample of 800

Nasir Memon, a computer science professor at New York University, has told about the master print concept. According to them, the master print concept is similar to using a common password 1234 to hack a hacked pin based lock. He said, “4% of the password used to unlock time is 1234 correct, which makes passwords easy to password”

There is also a fact that tapping the full fingerprints of human beings is very fatal, but the phone’s fingerprint scanners are quite small and they can only read the partial fingerprint. Phones usually take 8 to 10 images to set up a fingerprint scanner on any Android or iPhone. Many users use fingerprint scanners not just one, but many fingers.

What does Apple say?
Even after leaving fingerprint, the facial recognition feature in Samsung Galaxy S8 has been easily distinguished by Samsung. This feature has been distinguished from facial photos. I.e. fingerprint scanner and facial recognition feature can not be trusted.

Apple has said that the possibility of a wrong match in the fingerprint system of the iPhone is not the same. Company spokesman Ryan James has said that Apple has tested various types of attacks while creating its Touch ID. Along with this, the company has also set up several security features to identify fake fingerprints.

However Google has not said anything on this.


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