If you have Windows Vista or Windows XP operating system users, you need to be careful. Yes! Google said that Gmail Chrome browser on 8 February 2017 and below the 53th version will stop working. This means that users who still use Windows XP or Windows Vista on desktops and laptops are using the Chrome browser, so they will be denied access to Gmail.

Google has posted on his blog that Microsoft’s operating system on Windows XP and Vista support is turned off, due to which version of the Chrome browser and below the 53th  in terms of security is vulnerable to threats.

Google wrote in his blog, “Gmail users who still have Microsoft Windows XP and Vista version used their influence is likely to be because the chrome side releases the 49th version of the Gmail for Windows on these operating systems support does. Went first in April 2015 and November 2015 was announced that the operating system of Microsoft’s now not being maintained. Therefore, users who use Windows XP and Vista version of its upgraded version should use to secure and support for Gmail. ”

So if you still have your Microsoft Windows XP and Vista operating systems in the computer and laptop use and 53 th and below your Chrome browser version so they can quickly upgrade .. You now have four days left.


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