Average speed 18.16 mbps in jio telecom

The new telecom company Reliance Jio average internet download speed left far behind in the rest of the telecom companies. In December, the average download speed of 18.16 megabytes per second on Live Network (Mbps) said.

Telecom regulator TRAI has said in the latest figures. Reliance Jio September 2016 formally launched its 4G services. In September, his Network maximum speed was 7.26 Mbps in November, which was down 5.85 Mbps.

TRAI issued by month average figures given in mobile data. Other Srvisprowaideron on Vodafone’s network in the average download speed increased from 4.9 Mbps in November is 6.7Mbps in December.

Idea Cellular while average Internet download speeds on the network in December, 5.03 Mbps, the network of Bharti Airtel 4.68 Mbps, Aircel and Reliance Communications network 3Mbps download speed 2.6Mbps average on the network said.

TRAI clients across the country through its Mayspeed app data on customers’ mobile data calculates the average speed.


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