God could not even escape from cyber attack, computer hack of Tirupati Temple

The ransomeware cyber attack took 150 countries to its grip. The same attack has now reached Tirumala Tirupati temple in Andhra Pradesh. WannaCry Ransomeware cyber attack has been done on computers present in the temple premises.

According to the news Now, 10 computers brought to the office of the temple are in the grip of cyber attacks. Officials have stopped using 20 other computers while taking precaution.

Anil Kumar Singhal, the new Executive Officer of Tirupati Temple, announced on Wednesday that some of our computers have had an impact. Although all computers were used in official use Computers which are used to sell tickets and serve the devotees are far from the Rasomeware attack. The officer says that there is no obstruction in the service of devotees.

The IT department of the temple is working with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) on the current situation. Officials have confirmed that the affected computers used to operate on the old operating system.

Let us tell you before this cyber attack has also influenced Gujarat’s official office and police station. Keeping the cyberattack in mind, the cyber cell of the Gujarat Police Department has also released a helpline to deal with any attack incident. The helpline number 079-22861917 and 079-25398549 issued by Cyber Cell. Any kind of computer related information will be provided on these numbers.


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