Pakistani hackers have hacked the website of nearly 10 educational institutions. Many of these are hacked till the news is written, while some websites have been restored. Websites hacked include top institutions of the country. Most of them are institutions which are connected with the army and defense.

Websites hacked include IIT Delhi, IIT Bhubaneswar, Delhi University, National Aerospace Laboratories and Aligarh Muslim University website. Hackers hacked these websites and wrote them on Zindabad Pakistan. Apart from this, Kashmiri has been written about. Most hacked websites include educational institutions affiliated to most of the Army and Defense.

Pakistan’s PHC Group has claimed the hacking of these websites. Let us tell you that last year this hacker group claimed to hack around 7100 websites of India.

Why these websites are hacked so easily

The answer is clear. Almost all the hacked websites do not have HTTPS and are not secure with SSL. There is no need for hacking certificates or black hat training to hack such websites. These websites can also hack script kidies that hacking through free tools from Google. And it is possible that these hackers would have done this too. However, only after the inquiry report will come out. But last time many websites of India had been hacked, there was no investigation report after that nor those websites have been secured.

What could be the loss

The information is likely to leak after the website is hacked. Information about students or information about college special applications is likely to be stolen. Database related to students is also likely to be stolen. Hackers sometimes hack the website and crush their database.

Not only this, if hackers succeed in cracking on the e-mail server of the website, then all the e-mail id and password hackers connected to the web site will be near. Apart from this, an outdated dump file can be broken into old convergence.

Websites of these institutions have been hacked

Delhi University, IIT Delhi, IIT Bhubaneshwar, Aligarh Muslim University, National Aerospace Laboratories, Defense Institute of Advanced Technology, Army Institute of Management and Technology, University of Kota, Army Institute of Management, Kolkata and Board of Research in Nuclear Science.

This is to say that the Pakistani hackers

The alleged Pakistani hacker group has posted links to all the hacked websites on their Facebook page. This Facebook post has been written about Kashmira.

In this alleged hacker group, the post says, “This hacking code is being done after the website of the Pakistani railway website hacking. Also, this hacking has also been done against the killing of the Kashmiri people by the Indian Army. ”

There is no statement from the Ministry of Information until the news is written. Therefore, it is not clear whether all these websites have been hacked in front end or have been blocked in the back end of the server. It is also unclear whether these hackers have stolen data or not.


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