Recently, Microblogging website Twitter has announced. In which he said that a big step has taken for the convenience of users. Now when you reply to a user or group, then @usernames will not count in the 140 character given to you. Some characters will escape and you will be able to write more words in your tweets. That is, now can be responded to more than 140 characters.

Last year, Twitter had announced that tweet can be of 140 characters without any media attachment and @Reply. In which the media attachment has been out of the 140-character limit of the tweet from the last year. At the same time @usernames will also not be able to add 140 characters to the limit.

Twitter claims that it will not only make Twitter easier for people but also increase their user base. This step will further encourage people to share their views on Twitter as well as share photos, videos and links.

Twitter’s biggest competitor is Facebook this time. Where Facebook is constantly bringing changes to the Facebook app, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp. Recently, if you talk about WhatsApp, messenger and newest, then the Facebook app has come up with an example like Instagram for 24 hours. In such a situation, Twitter’s decision to make these changes in its software seems quite right in terms of competition.


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