There is a lot of fake news on the internet and social media. Recently Facebook has announced to bring tools to deal with such reports. But so far nothing is showing on the table. Recently, Google launched Fact Check Tag to deal with News on Google News. Although initially it was given to America and Britain, but now it has been started for the whole world.

Fact check will now be available on Google News. Now Google News will tell you whether the news is correct or not. For this, the label of the fact check will appear on the news search result. The purpose of bringing this feature is that the claims made in the news are false or true to the people.

Google is working with Polifact and Snopes for Fact Checking. Apart from this, the company is also asking News Publishers to check the fact of all articles. However this will not make any difference in the story rankings in Google News.

Since fact checking is not done by Google, but is being done by third party fact-checking organization. Therefore, the fact that the facts in the news are correct or not will not affect their rankings, because rankings are based on SEO.

Google has said in its official blog that Fact Check Features are not currently available in all search results. According to the company, it may be possible that the same claim has been checked by different publishers and they have reached the other end. But despite this, this fact check feature is beneficial for users in many ways. According to the company, now people will see a fact check option, which will make them easy to read the right information.

News Publishers will need to use Claim Review Markup for the Fact Check feature. Apart from this, if publishers want the Widgets created by the Duke University researchers, you can use them. For this, only those publishers will be eligible to give their news with autonomous sources.

For this, Google has released some guide lines in its blog post


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