The native messaging platform Hike Messenger released its App Hike 5.0 update on Tuesday, which comes with a wallet. Through this, funds can be transferred through the UPI. Users can recharge their phones from Hike Wallet, and postpaid bills can also be paid directly from the app.

Hike Messenger Chief Executive Officer Kevin Bharti Mittal told reporters, “Hike 5.0 is the biggest update in this app’s history. We have developed this app together with the top 100 hikers to build 5.0.

In this messaging app, ‘Blue Pocket’ is also provided, through which users can send money to their friends.

Money can be sent to a group of people or friends from ‘Blue Pocket’. Also, the user can decide which ones of the group will get the money. Once it is sent once it works on the basis of first come first served, and after 24 hours, its deadline expires.


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