If you are a WhatsApp user, then there is a good news for you that there is a possibility of a new feature ‘Revoke’ coming soon. Since then users can unsent messages sent or they can even be edited or deleted.

According to media reports, this feature can be used within 5 minutes of sending messages only in the WhatsApp app. Report information was first shared by Twitter user @WABetaInfo. According to this report, this feature will be available in WhatsApp web 0.2.4077.

Let us tell you that the news of the arrival of this feature has already come in many media, but this time the news is being speculated that this feature can be launched soon. Earlier, this new feature was seen in the WhatsApp iPhone app, so that users can edit or delete a message sent to a contact.

Apart from this, news is also that a new update can also come in the WhatsApp, since users will also get formatting shortcuts like bold, italic and monospace. WhatsApp Android Beta users can test this feature.


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