About 5 years ago, YouTube had made its partner program available to everyone, so that any creator could create his own channel and start earning money immediately. On Thursday, the company announced the announcement that the producers would not be able to make the money till then till they had 10000 Lifetime views on their channel.

Despite this, even if you reach that figure once, the company will complete its investigation according to its rules, whether the producer can now make money through this channel.

It has been stated in the statement issued by the company that this rule has been brought so that those who earn money by putting scam artists in the wrong way, in the You-Tube, can be used to curb them.

In a blog post, Vice President of Product Management of YouTube, Ariel Bardin said that within a few weeks we will bring a review process for the new creators applying for the YouTube Partner Program. As soon as the creator’s YouTube channel will complete 10 thousand views, we will review their activities according to the policy. They also told that if everything looks fine, the channel will be included in the YouTube Partner Program and ads will be placed in it. By doing so, the creators of the rules will earn money.

All this is being done on YouTube’s behalf at just such a time when more than 250 brands have left Google search and withdrew due to their advertisement showing offensive content in their ad campaign YouTube. took.


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