Facebook has started group payment in its messenger. Under this, money can be sent to many people in the group of messengers simultaneously. Facebook launched Messenger Payment System in 2015. However, through this the money could only be sent to one user at a time.

Now after the new option in Messenger Group, users can send requests for money from someone during chat. The amount you want can be sent by writing so much.

For example, if a user has to ask for 50 dollars from all the members of the group then they will request. After this, all members of this group can send money as much as they want and the total number of senders will be available.

Users can also write notes when asking for money and sending them so that they can remember why they are sent or sent.

Facebook has said in its official blog post, “From today onwards, you can send money to Facebook Messenger users from Android and Desktop. It’s free, fast, simple and secure. Regions are sharing bills with people or collecting money from people for gift given to someone. For all this you have to go to Messenger and start group convergence ‘

At the moment it has not been launched in India, but it can be launched in India in the coming time. Because, after demonetisation, the cashless payment is being emphasized in the country. In this case, Paytm has also started preparing to launch payment service here.

Traditional wallet app like Paytm can get collision

According to the reports, the WhatsApp payment system can be brought in the next six months and simultaneously it is going to integrate the UPI. If Messenger and WhatsApp Payment system launch, then there is no good news for this traditional wallet app. Existing wallet companies, PayTm FreeCare can get a tough competition in the coming time.

Since users of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are quite in the country, so people will also find it easy to use these platforms for payment.


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