Mobile and Nokia in the smartphone market has become perfectly clear. But today’s pre-event Mobile World Congress, the company once again to hit the market is ready for mobile and smartphone. Every moment of this event and we are ready to give in to the news at all easy.

The company has already launched its first Android smartphone. But in the event of its most popular Nokia 3310 phone is expected to launch. So the event is even more special.

Rajeev Suri, CEO of Nokia’s keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress will be told this and that Nokia introduced four new phones can be.

The Finland-based Nokia handset right now is near HMD Global. During the event, the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 8 can be seen. Nokia 3310 is still on but still in suspense.

Chinese website 84X84 monochrome color display in the Nokia 3310 is. The report cost 59 euros (about Rs 4166) is said went.

Nokia 3310 will be Android, but it will be launched like a feature phone. Photos from the last few days has gone viral in which it was shown that Android is completely fictional.

In terms of design, it will be slightly different than the old 3310, because its screen is much better and more bright. Colors will also, according to reports, although the resolution will not be more.

HMDglobal Nokia 3310 Red yellow and green in two or three color variants can launch. According to sources, Nokia 3310 may come to India in May and it is quite beautiful in appearance. chines website 84X84 in the Nokia 3310 is a monochrome color display. The report cost 59 euros (about Rs 4166) is said went.



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