Snapchat has launched a new search feature in its app, so that users can now view photos and videos posted by people who are not in the ‘Friends List’. In this, users can also search for sports games, events, even local bars and weather.

Snapchat has launched this feature among the challenges that Twitter and Facebook have. Where such content is shared publicly. In Snapchat, users can already view publicly shared photos and videos through our Story feature through a feature gallery, but now the company has tried to find the content that the users shared with a search keyword. Can be seen. It can be either Mt. Everest or even like Basketball.

Last week Facebook added the Facebook Story feature to its app, which was a clone of Snapchat’s own feature. Apart from this, Facebook has launched Instagram Stories, Messenger Day and WhatsApp Stories in all its apps. So it is expected that now Facebook will add new features to Snapchat in its app.


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