During the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Chinese smartphone maker Meizu Technology has launched its super mCharge. The company claimed that the techniques in just 20 minutes can be charged with the full smartphone. This initiative was launched Oppo VOOC the fast charging technology.

Meizu Demonstration said at an event here that VOOC mCharge technology is also fast. According to the company this technology in just five minutes with a smartphone can be charged up to 30 per cent. It also claims that the iPhone 7 Plus over 11 time fast than the Galaxy S7 Edge Fast charging time is 3.6.

During the demo, the company showed the mCharge technology 3,000mAh battery charge. 5 minutes while charging the battery to 30 percent to 60 percent in 10 minutes. 15 minutes to charge the battery was charged at 85 percent.

The current round of 3,000mAh battery in most smartphones, so this technology could be useful for people. However much time it will take more battery power.

As a reminder, during the last Mobile World Congress, Oppo and claimed he had presented VOOC Technology 2,500mAh battery charge in just 15 minutes can be. However, this technology safe telling than others. Currently, most high-end smartphone, which is given in 3.0 Smartphone Qualcomm quick charge in 35 minutes, from 0 to 80 per cent charges.


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