Facebook’s Secret Project Building 8 in front of the world, brain sensing technology

For the last two years, Facebook was working on a Secret Project named 8. We had told you earlier about this. But after all, the company has removed the curtain from it. On the second day of Facebook’s annual developer conference F8, the company has told about its latest project Building 8.

In fact, under the project of Facebook Building 8, Mind is working on reading technology ie mind-reading technology. During this event, there are many such things which are really surprising.

According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberk, the social network is working on Facebook brain computer interface technology, which will make conversation possible only through one day.


Typing from the brain is not only hand but also possible, just think and type.

During this event, a video was shown in which a woman who could not speak or hear. He can shake his hand and can not type. But this video shows that they are just thinking and the words themselves are typing on the screen themselves. Although it is a lot of slow words from the words typed in our smartphones and computers, but according to the company, when this technology becomes reality, its speed will also increase.

Building 8 project is a part of Facebook’s Consumer Hardware Lab. Head Regina of this project has also revealed that his team is working on just typing 100 words within a minute using Brain Web.

Apart from this, Facebook is working on many more advanced projects. It also includes delivering Spoken Language through human skin which is quite astonishing. That means that humans can also hear through the skin.

In the Facebook F8 conference, it is reported that in this building 8 project, 60 engineers team is developing brain computer interface which is not to be hand-written but to type in the brain. For this, optical image will be used to scan human brains. After this the things going on in the mind of the human beings will be transformed into text.

You can hear through the skin

This is the second project under which humans can hear through their skin. The company has said that it is preparing the necessary hardware and software to deliver the language through skin. Human skin has a network of 2m2 nerves that takes information to the brain.

During the event, the Head of Building 8 said that Braille began in France in the 19th century and this script has proved that the surfaces are transformed into brains into words. In addition, he also mentioned Tadoma method which was made in the 20th century. Through this, the children who could not see or hear were able to talk through pressure change.

He has said that learning the language and the language from this technology is just the beginning, as we can also hear through the skin.


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