Telecom’s latest foray into the world on behalf of Reliance Jio telecom department to issue a new set of numbers is allowed went. The number “6” will begin with the points. The Department of Telecom, Reliance Jio 6 Series MSC (Mobile Switching cord) went to get the phone number is allowed to issue.

RJio telecomtalk report in some circles with the number 6-series will continue. Currently these new MSC permission to live in Assam, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu will continue. The report found that in Rajasthan MSC 60010-60019, Assam and Tamil Nadu, these codes from 60,030 to 60,039 of these codes will. 4G operator Jio Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and the 7 Series No. 8- The series has already taken a number of permit issuance.

If this report is true, then who will live the first telecom operator may issue numbers 6- Series. Before 9, 8,7-series numbers were detected. DoT’s decision to live behind the reason may be the growing number of users. So far, users of Live (December 31) to 7.4 million.


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