Apple’s upcoming iPhone price to $ 1000 (Rs 67 025) will be around. If that happens, it will be the company’s most expensive iPhone. According to fastcompany upcoming iPhone will be more top-end model price at $ 969 for the 256GB model is price iPhone 7 Plus. The device will also have a reason to be more expensive that the company ‘Ultimate iPhone will “.

Apple is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The news that he will make the iPhone the most awesome iPhone.

According to the report, the 5.8-inch OLED display iPhone 8 will be X or iPhone. Its design iPhone will look very slim. OLED LCD display than the company would have to pay double. The report claimed that the new iPhone will come with memory than the iPhone 7.

IPhone 8 dual camera setup like the iPhone 7 Plus. Hopefully the battery will power the device than before and the news that the device will be a change in the place of the home button.

The recent news that Apple was ahead of the iPhone is expected to start production of iPhone 8. Tech experts believe that the company’s new smartphone and the iPhone device would be excellent too.

Before the Barclay research analyst reported the new iPhone 8 will come in two variants, one of which will have a 5-inch and 5.8-inch display. Blaze will not be in their design.

The report quoted the analyst said, “Although the design will be applied to guarante a hundred percent. But that Bejlfri design and large curved screens and the new iPhone will be launched. ”

There are reports that Apple’s next iPhone to make Bejlfri design your home button is removed. The launch of the new iPhone several such claim will come to the fore.


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