Photo sharing app Instagram has launched a new feature in the app. 10 photos in a single post, and after which you will be able to share videos. You can say Instagram albums. Photos and videos for this album with a theme you can add.

According to reports, this new feature Instagram world in the coming few weeks will be available on all ios and Android users. Since the launch of this feature you on Instagram to post photos and videos to select a single best face problems.

Now when you go to feed the post on Instagram, you’ll see a button to select many photos. All users will be able to edit the photo and video filters will be set along with his orders. Also in this post you will be able to tag your friends and the location information on every photo and caption will be able to add even more.

This post has been shared so that your friends will see a blue dot will know that the photo albums and your friends will see it, swipe right or left.


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