Social networking giant Facebook today organized an event in New Delhi. During this time, the company has launched special features for Indian users. The company showed many apps in the form of demos, which included WhatsApp and Instagram. Apart from this, a demo of safety check was also given.

Virtual Reality Oculus VR and 360 camera are also shown. In the event the company has told that there are more than 184 million active active users in India. Aditya Vaidya, product head of Facebook Group, said that he is trying to bring a pass to those people who do not know each other but they have one interest.

Safety checks are special talk of today’s events. It was first launched in Nepal in 2015 during the earthquake, whereby people can tell their friends and relatives about their safety. The scope of this feature was extended and any other big events other than the natural disaster were also started. Expanding it, it was made for every user to activate it in trouble.

According to a statement, “India is at the top of those countries where the Facebook Light App is used and that is why the work is being done for the betterment of such products.”

Aditya Vaidya in Vent has said that Facebook is slowly moving towards the visual social network. Text status updates were already, but now Facebook is giving new camera feature to users. According to the company, video and photo directs can be sent to anyone from this camera feature.

A special geo location based frame and filter for India has also been announced. These Facebook app’s camera features will be available to you. Facebook will also find reactions in your light app in the coming time. There will be reactions like Love, Haha, Wao, Sad and Angry. This event has been told that the most popular love reactions in these reactions are.


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