IPhone rumors before the arrival of every new model is hot. IPhone 8 will be launched this year. IPhone 8 before the arrival of new and advanced features, discussed his days. According to a report last week, the next generation iPhone will have a special feature that will pull from your photo gesture. Facial Recognition Feature If you have on your iPhone with your smile, your photo will pull over.

According to reports, the next generation iPhone will be more lights. IPhone 8 will be in the new Touch ID as well as rumors that the parting of the phone may be the only button. The screen of the phone and also can be big.

According to media reports the next model of the phone will be even more water and dust proof. Predictions are also being set up. 8 Charging the iPhone can be quite big changes and wireless charging system can be brought. This iphone 8 charge wirelessly from a distance of up to 15 feet away

Iphone 8 is currently the hottest market rumors. It will be interesting to see how the next iPhone will be 7 to 8 existing iPhone. Let me tell you the next model of iphone launches in every year in September,


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