The website of Delhi University was allegedly hacked by Pakistani hackers. Hackers are telling themselves of the PHC group. Let us know that PHC is the same group which claimed to have hacked 7100 websites of India last year. Although the website is hacking for a while and it is working properly till the news is written.

Apart from this, this hacker group has also claimed to hack the website of Aligarh Muslim University. Apart from this, 10 groups of educational institutions have hacked this group.

Hackers have also hacked the IIT Delhi website.

These hackers have released a list in which there is a list of India’s renowned educational institutions website which they claimed to hack.

Even after the last time they claimed hacking, all the websites were restored after an hour. However, some Indian hackers even claimed to hack many Pakistani government websites.

Significantly, the DU website is weak and you can see that its URL does not even have HTTPS. Under normal terms, websites without HTTPS are not secure.

However, more hope is that hackers have just hacked the front end of the website. Because there is a great difference between hacking the server and front end hacking and server hacking is a bit tricky.

At the moment it is not clear whether the necessary data from the university website has been stolen or not. Because no statement has been issued from the University till the news is written.

This website has been hacked, ‘Do you know what your alleged hero (young man) is doing in Kashmir? Do you know that he is killing Kshamir’s innocents?


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