• In this step by step tutorial, you will see how you can verify your domain ownership to Google, and start using Google Apps services.
  • There are different methods of verifying domain owership to Google such as verifying through TXT record, CNAME, google analytics, html file, however in this article we’ll verify domain ownership through creating TXT record at our DNS
  • Though we are using Godaddy DNS as example for this article, however it’ll work similarly for other DNS providers as well as long as they offer flexibility of creating TXT record
  • You should have access to your Google Apps Control Panel and Godaddy DNS Admin Panel to perform this domain ownership verification.

Step 1 -> Login to Google Apps Control Panel

  • Login to your Google Apps Control Panel (Instructions HERE)

Step 2 -> Navigate to find Google Apps domain verification string and copy it

Step 3 -> Login to your Godaddy DNS Admin Console

  • Go to GoDaddy.com and click on login
  • Enter your credentials
  • Click on “Domains”
  • Choose the Domain Name which you want to setup with Google Apps
  • Under “DNS Manager”, click on launch

Step 4 -> Create a TXT Record with Google Apps string

  • Scroll down to find TXT (Text) records management area
  • Now click on Quick Add and create the TXT record as mentioned below
  • HOST NAME = @ (Note, if you are verifying a sub-domain lets say gmail.yourdomain.com, then host value should be the name of your subdomain such as gmail in my example)
  • TXT Value = Your String (which you copied from Google Apps Control Panel)
  • TTL (You may leave it to default)
  • Save Changes
  • Wait for few minutes and proceed to next step

Step 5 -> Ask Google to verify your domain ownership

  • After waiting for some time to let your DNS changes reflect, come back to Google Apps Control Panel
  • Click on VERIFY

Congratulations – Your domain should now be verified

  • If you have followed the steps as suggested, now you should see the message confirming that you have verified your domain
  • If there is some problem to verify your domain, feel free to submit a free troubleshooting at apctips.in


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