Instant Messaging App There are three new features for iPhone users in WhatsApp. It has been seen in the past few months that WhatsApp is constantly bringing the features of Instagram.

Now new features have come for iPhone users. See yourself and decide whether these are inspires from Instagram and Snapchat. Although Instagram is a Facebook company that has WhatsApp. All are same, so it is not surprising if all of these features are seen in each other.

Album Feature – If you send four or more photos to a contact on WhatsApp, WhatsApp will group the album and give it the look of the album. Those who have been sent photos will also get the same amount as can be seen in full screen by clicking on them.

Replay Shortcuts – Replying a message to the group will be easier than ever. Especially when the message comes in the group fast and you have to reply. Only one swipe will be able to reply to that thread’s message.

Filters – Now iPhone users will be able to add filters to photos of their Whitespace. Not only this, videos and gif’s will also have the option to add filters. I.e. now it will be able to add not only filters to Snapchat but also in WhatsApp. However the range of filters available in Snapchat is available.


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