The new feature of WhatsApp Stats Live Now everyone has been. If you have not updated your WhatsApp to get this feature, please update from the Play Store or the App Store. The company had been testing it for a long time and was recently launched. Stats updated on WhatsApp or Text option put option will now update the photo.

If you have news or Instagram Snapcat This feature is similar to the feature story that has them. This new feature in iOS, while Android in the bottom next to the Calling tab This option will also be in a different tab.

Under this text in addition to photos and videos Stats Now users can also. Your photos, Gif images, videos and drawings with their selected friends can share an Stats for 24 hours.

If users prefer, you can also reply on WhatsApp Stats. You can mute though.

CEO Jen Kum official blog post on February 24, said the 8th anniversary of WhatsApp Stats feature will be switched on. Stats of WhatsApp now also be encrypted end to end security.

The same feature that many years ago was also in Snapcat, people are saying it Snapcat clone feature.

To use this new status feature of WhatsApp

To use this new feature, your WhatsApp contacts by clicking on the Stats tab and prepare your Stats. If this option is not showing, then please wait for updates.



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