NOTE: Please be aware the Windows.old folder located at the root of the local disk C Drive where Windows 10 is installed will be deleted after 31 days automatically. The Windows.old folder is used to facilitate the rollback. So please perform any rollback within 31 days or this option will no longer be available. Otherwise, create a backup before upgrading to Windows 10.

Step 1: Start by opening Settings – Click Start > Settings or type Settings in the search bar and click it or press “Windows key + I” without quotes

Step 2: There are many different option but you have to click on Update and Security

Step 3: After that Click on Recovery then click Get started under Go back to Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 (depending on the previous version you running)

Step 4: Here you can make multiple options to select why are going back to your previous version of Windows along with additional details or you can choose just one and click Next.

Step 5: As noted, any configurations made to Windows 10 since upgrading will be lost, so if you installed new programs or hardware drivers or made personal settings, those will be deleted and click on Next

Step 6: Make sure you have your password ready to sign into your old version if you had been using one. Click Next.

Step 7: The process can take a while depending on the amount data, applications and settings it may take a few hours and Click on Next.

Step 8: There are final option to ask go to previous windows and if you don’t so click on cancel button and you want to go to previous windows so Click on Go Back to begin the process.

Step 9: Windows 10 will Restart

Step 10: When the process is complete, you will be booted into your previous version of Windows environment.


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