At times, even the best of us forget passwords. Thankfully, most services out there allow resetting the forgotten password. If you are an Outlook user and have forgotten your password, complete the below mentioned instructions to reset your account password.

Please note that the below method works for users who had provided phone number or alternate email address during the sign up.

Step 1: Visit this official page, select I forgot my password option and then click Reset your password option that appears just below I forgot my password. This will take your to the reset your password page.

Step 2: Here, type in your email address and then enter the characters shown in the picture and click Next button.

Step 3: You will see two password reset options: Email me a rest link and Send a code to my phone. Select the first option if you want to receive password reset link to the alternate email address that you provided during the sign up.

Select Email me a rest link option and then click Next button to receive password reset link to your alternate email address.

And select the later option (Send a code to my phone) and then click Send code button if you have associated your phone number with your account. When you select the second option, you will receive Microsoft account password reset code to your phone.

Step 4: (Skip to Step 5 if you have chosen Send a code to my phone option) Sign in to your alternate email address to see account password reset email from Microsoft account team. Clicking on the reset link will take you to Reset your password where you need enter your new password, reenter the password to confirm and finally click Next button. You are done!

Step 5: Enter the password reset code that you have received in the Enter your code box and then click Submit button to see Reset your password page. Enter your new password and also reenter the password and finally click Next button. You are done!

Once password reset is done, you will be taken to a page where you can add or update your phone number, alternate email address, and the security question. Microsoft uses these info to keep your account more secure and help you recover or reset your password.



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