If you are in a dilemma about choosing your profile picture on social media, then you can get help from a stranger. This will show your good picture. We are not saying this research. This has been revealed in a new research. University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney researchers found that, compared to the selected photos themselves, the best impression is higher than the photos chosen by strangers.

This result is contrary to previous research that people can show themselves more positive than themselves.

Chief researcher David White said, “Our findings show that while selecting photos for online profiles, people select pictures of their own admired and it affects other people’s thinking about them.

Under research, 12 students from 12 students were asked to choose two photos for themselves as a profile picture for social network, dating site.

After this the participants were asked to select two of the strangers 12 photos.

The findings of research have been published in the magazine ‘Cognitive Research’. It found that the trend of strangers was in the selection of pictures of positive personality.

White said, “If you want the best picture to appear, ask a stranger to choose your picture.” Having a good picture increases the likelihood of getting more people interested in the photo.


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