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Background apps eat up your battery by keeping the resources continuously engaged even when you are not using the phone. Closing the apps running in the background frees up your hardware resources. As the overall load on processor and RAM becomes less, it leads to an increases in your phone’s battery life.

You can get maximum performance from your phone, by using this app. In Android Operating System, there are many processes run in background, so it will slow down you device for sure. Greenify is an Android App, which use Inbuilt Task killer in one click of Android Operating system, and kill background processes automatically. You will get maximum performance, more battery life, and get most out of your phone, with tutorial.

What is Greenify App

Greenify App is created for stop app background processes in android phones. this app now also available for non-rooted android phones. Greenify App is created for identify all miss-behaving apps in your phone and it will stop that apps and prevent your phone for slowing down. If you us Greenify app then you will not face any lags in your device anymore. Now you can do this in your phone for boost up and get maximum performance from it. If you have android phone then you can use this app click here. just create one shortcut in your home screen with this app and in one click it will boost up your phone’s performance for sure.

Requirements Before Use Greenify App

  1. Rooted or Non Rooted Android Phone. This app will work better in rooted android phones as compare to non-rooted phone.
  2. You need android 4.1+ device for use this app if you haven’t rooted your phone.
  3. Greenify App download
  4. Greenify Donation .apk here (for rooted android phones only)
  5. Xposed framework (for rooted android phones only)

How to Root Android Phone By Click Here

These was some basic requirements for use Greenify App in your phone. If you have above requirements, then you can also checkout some benefits for using Greenify App. So install Greenify App. We have mentioned 2 methods, in which you can use Greenify App. First method is for non-rooted device and second method is for rooted android devices. So let’s start with below tutorial.

How to Use Greenify App in Non-Rooted Phone

  1. At first make sure you have already installed greenify app in your phone.
  2. Now After successfully install Greenify App in your phone, simply open greenify App then some option are show in Greenify App as below screenshot.

Now it will open a new window here you will see App Analyzer screen. This screen will show which Apps are slowing down your phone as you can see from below screenshot, it’s showing top apps which are continuously in background and slowing down phone consuming battery.

Here by default it will bot show you only few apps then simply press menu button from your phone on top right and select Show all option.

Simply click on apps one by one which you don’t want to run on background like games etc. Don’t hibernate Apps which needs to run in background like Apps lock, any run launcher Apps etc. Else you can click other apps and click on Check button from Bottom Right.

After that it will show you a message like below screenshot simply click on Setting from screenshot as below.

here it will be ask you activate Greenify  from Accessibility. Enable Greenify from Accessibility option.

From this menu it will also ask you confirmation for enable Greenify Hit Ok button and you are done.

Now click on Tick button from Top Right. Create hibernate shortcut in your home page and it will automatically Hibernate/Stop all background all apps with just one click.


How to Use Greenify in Rooted Android Phone

If you have non rooted android phone then you can simply follow above procedure for use in your non rooted phone. But if you have rooted android phone then it will be very good thing because this app will more faster in rooted android phones.

  1. At first Install Xposed Framework in your phone according to your device. If you have already xposed installed then skip this step and move to next step. if you have KitKat device then check XDA for xposed installation guide.
  2. Now, after Install Greenify App, you need to install Donation package (donation version is available at ₹ 50.00 from play store) of greenify. which you can download from starting of this post.
  3. After successfully install greenify app and donation package in your phone, simply Open Xposed go to modules and tick on greenify.
  4. Now you need to Restart you phone normally and you have successfully installed greenify in your Rooted Android Phone.
  5. follow on screen instruction for hibernate apps, or follow above step which are mentioned in non-rooted section for hibernate apps in greenify.
  6. Open greenify app click on plus icon and tick all apps one by one, which you don’t want to run in the background. You can also hibernate system apps with greenify app if you have donation package of this app, which we have provided.

So, with this way you can also sun greenify in your rooted or non-rooted android phone. Now enjoy your android phone, with more speed and more battery life ever.

Display brightness
Screen is one of the biggest battery consumption factors for smartphones. The higher the brightness of the display, the more power it draws from your battery. Even with auto/adaptive brightness, the screen tends to keep drawing power randomly when the brightness increases. Switch to automatic & manual brightness control and keep it at around 30-40% brightness for efficiency.


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