We have an option to turn off Automatic Updates altogether. All we need to do is stop the Windows Update service and make sure that it won’t start again. I recommend to first check if updates are currently downloaded; if so, wait until all updates are installed. First of all press windows + s (in windows 10) Then, type “view local services” in the Windows 10 search box and click on it

Scroll down to Windows Update and double-click the service.

Set the startup type to Disabled. If the service is already running, click Stop. After the service has stopped, click OK.

If you now click Check for Updates in the Windows Update app, you should see a reassuring error message:

Yup, that is all we wanted: “some problems installing updates.”

If you want to later enable Automatic Updates again, you have to first set the startup type of the Windows Update service to Manual and then start the service.

If you plan to switch Automatic Updates on and off frequently, you can do so with this tiny PowerShell script, which you have to run with administrator privileges:



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