In this post we will talk about a device called AirBar from a company named Neonode which makes any PC Compatible to touch. The AirBar is plug and play USB device which converts an ordinary laptop screen into a touch screen. It is currently compatible with 15.6 inch screen size laptops. Also right now it supports few Operating Systems (OS) like Windows 7, 8, 10. The Neonode has said that they are working to make it compatible for Mac OS & also for different screen sizes.

Using tap and swipe gestures with our phones and tablets has become second nature, but that type of input control has yet to really take off with our laptops and desktop computers. The AirBar may soon change that. The AirBar is a thin black module with a USB connection that has been designed to sit below your laptop’s display. It doesn’t require any special software or setup. Just plug it into a Windows PC or computer running Chrome OS and your computer is suddenly touch enabled.

Optical sensing technology company neonode is taking stubborn windows and chromebook laptops to the touch screen age with the airbar sensor. attached with the magnetic strip and plugged in the USB port, the airbar projects an invisible light field on the surface of a display that makes it possible to ‘touch’ the screen and interact with it.

This is all thanks to neonode’s ‘zForce air’ technology, which can be used for all sorts of gestures such as — pinch, swipe, zoom and scroll away. the reason users can us anything to touch is that the light field reacts to any disturbance. the detaches easily for storage when users close their laptops.

AirBar Features

  1. Converts any laptop screen (currently 15.6 inch) into a touch screen.
  2. Just plug in and play, no manuals no hassles.
  3. Budget friendly device.
  4. Works with any object such as paint brush, chopsticks, gloves, fingers etc.
  5. Requires very less power and hence does not drain your laptop’s battery.
  6. comes in matte black finish.
  7. attaches using a magnetic strip.
  8. fits 15.6-inch screens.
  9. connects through an USB port .
  10. works with chromebooks .
  11. neonode ‘airbar’ adds touch sensitivity to any laptop with windows 8 or 10

How Neonode AirBar Works

First it is to be placed at the bottom of screen and is plugged in to the USB port after which your system will automatically install its drivers. Once ready, it will project invisible light towards the screen which when blocked or disturbed with the help of any object results into a touch interface. Since light is used to sense the touch you can use almost anything from a paint brush to chopsticks. Amazing Right!

Price & availability

The Neonode AirBar (for 15.6 inch screen and matte black color) is now available for Pre Order for a price tag of 69$. That is Equivalent to 4576₹ Rupees approx in India.

To Know More and to Pre Order Visit Air.Bar (Official Website).


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