Method1: if you want to change your windows 7 password with-out opening User Account on Control panel then you follow the following steps.

Step1: first you open cmd (Command prompt) in the following way.

Click start button then you type cmd and hit Enter button, or press Ctrl+R button then you type cmd and then hit Enter button. Command prompt programme automatically appear in your screen.

Step2: please carefully type following word and hit Enter button on your black screen command prompt windows type ”net[space]user[space]accountname[space]password” a example command is ”net user Administrator 1234” hare administrator is default user of your operating system if you do not set any user name then you type administrator, and 1234 is the password your command structure is netuserXXXXXX**** hare [XXXXXX] means user account name and [****] means your password

Step3: when your operation successfully complete then command prompt give you a massage to you “the command completed successfully”.

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Description: open My Computer on your computer and then you type following word in your address bar and hit Enter.

Control PanelUser Accounts and Family SafetyUser Accounts”

Step4: if you are first and normal user and there is no password currently set


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