There is a new update of Google Chrome Web browser. Stable version of version 59 is now available for desktop users. Clearly, many changes have been made in the new update as always.

Earlier, the company gave Chrome’s new update for Mac, Windows and Linux. But today, new updates are being given to Android users as well. According to Google, the page will be loaded faster than before, and its memory will also be less used. This update also includes security patches and stability.

The new version of Google Chrome supports animated PNG which is similar to a GIF but it uses 24 bit image and 8 bit transparency. Earlier this support was given to Mozilla FireFox.

There will also be some visual changes in the new updates. It has been made even better with the material design. Apart from this, you will now see the changes in the settings menu. In addition to these, some changes have been made for developers. For example, the stream’s API has been edited in it. The Image Capture API will help websites take high-rase images.

Updates are available in the web browser for desktop, but Android will get updates in the Play Store until next week.


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