Most of India’s users use pirates Ms Word. If you are one of them then be a little careful. Because the resources have found security flaws in Microsoft Office. Users can damage malware users through this. Although it is not direct, the word file sent by the sender may be a problem for you.

Security researchers believe that this bug may cause problems in Microsoft’s productivity suite. That is, all versions of Word can be affected by it. It also includes Office 2016 for Windows 10.

First of all, this weakness was detected by McAfee’s Researchers. Although FireEye’s experts believe that they had information about this, but they first deemed it advisable to inform Microsoft.

Fire Eye said in its blog post, ‘This attack contains emails that contain Word documents attached. It is triggered by sending the target user ‘

How to protect your computer from these type of malware (windows.exe)

As soon as the user opens the attached Word document, Windows.exe sends HTTP requests to the remote server. The server sends a .hta file as soon as the request is received, which is a fake Rich Text format that looks like a real.

Simply put, Sender can inject malware into your system by sending the infected word file via email. Though such cases have been happening earlier, but generally people open the word file with confidence.

Microsoft’s spokesperson confirmed this and said that it will be fixed through Monthly Security Patch. The company gives a security update every month.

We recommend that you do not download the word files sent from unknowingly email.


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