Veteran Tech Company Google has announced a new educational program, providing information about children being protected during the use of the Internet, preventing hacking, avoiding any type of internet harassment and password related information. Will do In the program ‘Be Internet Awesome’, a video game called Classroom Syllabus and an Interland has been included.

Pavni Deewanji, Vice President, Engineering for Kids and Family, said in a blog post on Tuesday, “To make children aware of the reality of the web, we need to make smart decisions online and guide the kids who use the internet online.

Deewanji said that during the summer holidays, most of the children are active on the Internet for long, so it is a good time to introduce them to the ‘B Internet Osm: A New Way to Increase Digital Safety and Citizenship’ program.

In this program, children will get information such as sharing personal information on a limited amount of social media, creating strong passwords, avoiding hacking, using the internet.


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