Staying Safe on the Internet at home is not safe to stay. Theft now, not just in the home is also on the Internet and you can also become a victim of it easily. This time, let me tell you especially about Gmail security.

On the occasion of Safer Internet Day 2017 search engine Google Gmail users how to stay safe on the Internet telling. Gmail users to the company on the occasion of the Check Safety is asking.

Today Google search box then you have to open a new message, have seen the bottom. Google did not tell you that a message is written just below the search box. It is written with a lock icon #SaferInternetDay. Next is how to remain safe in 2 minutes.

Clicking on a security check-up Here you will be asked to sign. If you have a Gmail login before you come to a new page where you will be asked to enter Recovery Information. Here for your ID Recovery email, phone number and security question can enter.

Security Event Check
See further four options. You also will be asked to Check security events. Here you can find out where and when your account password is changed.

Connected Device Check
Clicking on this option, you can know that your Gmail account is to be used in many devices. If you wish, you can disconnect the device from your Gmail account on which you want to use there.

Account permission Check
Here you will be told about apps and services through the use of your ID being. Here you can view a list of all the apps are up to your Gmail account. If you wish, you can revoke that permission can delete apps from your Gmail id.

According to Google, you follow all of these steps can secure your Gmail Account


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