Facebook, the world’s leading social networking site, has announced to launch a free version of its commercial platform ‘Workplace’. Workplace is the business messaging service of Facebook. In the business world, workplace is used to chat and share files within a fixed group.

According to Fortune’s report, Facebook had launched a paid version of the workplace last year and its free version was announced last week.

Fortune’s report states, “In this free standard version, a person can use video calling, voice calling, video stream, or any other person, through Apple iOS or Android devices. Can chat.’

Facebook is looking to add to its professional services. For example, Facebook has recently launched a new feature that allows to post information related to jobs. This new feature of Facebook is believed to have started with Microsoft’s LinkedIn competition.

Facebook has not yet clarified how long the free version of the workplace will be in the market. Although Facebook says it will come soon and hopefully the workplace will be able to connect with everyone and also use mobile for the use of social sites.


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