In order to avoid being victim of online harassment of teens, the legendary social networking company Facebook is supposed to bring a different messaging app for teens. These apps will allow parents of teens to keep an eye on who their children are in touch with on the social network.

This app of Facebook ‘Talk’ can not be searched by ordinary people, but only use teens. If an unknown person tries to use the app by taking advantage of any tuner and the app will close itself.

According to the website ‘The information’, this new app code from Facebook has revealed that it will have parental controls on it. According to the code of this app, ‘Talk is a messaging app, where you can control all the contacts and your child can talk to you in Messenger using the Talk app.’

This app can be used by teenagers over the age of 13 years and will not need a Facebook account for its use. In a recent Australian newspaper, it was said that using social networks, advertisers will be able to target teens up to 14 years of age.


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