The social media website Facebook News Feeds can soon find a new option. Some users see the rocket icon at the bottom of the Facebook Home screen. It is not clear how this will work, but Facebook has told about it.

According to the users who have received this feature, a new news feed opens when clicked on it. Although it is very different from the existing news feed and also has a traditional feed.

This is being given to some select users of both the iOS and Android smartphones. This is visible in the middle of the news feed and the friend option.

Significantly, Facebook sometimes offers some users for new feature testing. If successful during the test, okay, but Company is not launching it for all people.

According to reports, the rocket news feed will be different from existing news feeds. That is, by clicking the rocket icon, users will be able to see the posts and pages of those people who do not like them. While most of the posts and pages in normal news feeds are what the user knows and likes.

A Facebook spokesperson, Tech Crunch, has said, “All users are testing a special news feed for customized popular articles, videos and photos, according to their hearts piece. We have heard from people that they want an easy way to explore new content. Especially those people with whom they are not connected ‘

Check out Facebook’s recent track record, it has continuously inspires many features from Snapchat. If you use Instagram, you will know about the Explore feature, which is designed to explore strangers. Since the Instagram is the company of Facebook, it will not be surprising if the Rocket tab is inspires from the Explore feature.

Photos will be clear in the coming time about how this rocket icon will work and when it will come to you.


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